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Volunteering with Gift of Bread is more than just collecting, packing and delivering bread!

This is your opportunity to make new friendships, increase your skills and give something back to the community.

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Volunteers form the backbone of our organisation. Volunteering with Gift of Bread allows you to connect with others, meet new people and build friendships. It’s a community event that is socially responsible, makes good use of surplus food and helps to improve the lives of the most vulnerable people around us.

Become a volunteer today.  There are many fantastic opportunities for casual and regular volunteers available 7 days a week.  We have morning, afternoon and evening shift vacancies available now.

An average shift duration is 4-6 hours. Hands on training and WHS inductions are provided. Many of our regular volunteers come together with family members and set a great community service example for our younger supporters.

Volunteering positions are available on SeekVolunteer or contact the Centre for Volunteering on 02 9261 3600

School Students

Introducing school students to volunteering can be a life changing experience. It can help them build a deeper understanding of social justice and community issues.

Enrol Your School Now

Gift of Bread provides activities for supervised school groups at our Outreach Centres and Community Workshops that include training, talks and hands-on experience that can be linked to your school's curriculum or community program.

Volunteering gives students a way to develop social skills, connect with people in their community, find their purpose and help others in an authentic and powerful way.

Volunteering also helps young people increase their self-understanding, independence and confidence. It can create a positive change in their lives and the things they care about.

Volunteering positions are available on SeekVolunteer or contact the Centre for Volunteering on 02 9261 3600


Corporate volunteering programs give employees a great opportunity to connect with co-workers, build teamwork and reinforce ethical corporate responsibility.

Gift of Bread provides full and half day activities for corporate volunteers. Limited sessions available. Don't miss out, book ahead. 

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Corporate community involvement has evolved significantly in recent years and is emerging as a strategic asset to help achieve business goals and an opportunity for providing serious value to companies and their employees.

Corporate volunteer programs give employees the opportunity to connect with co-workers and build teamwork.

“If building a more committed, engaged, creative and energetic workplace is high on your company's agenda, then corporate volunteering might be the foundation of your staff retention and development program.” Deborah Mobberley, The Centre for Volunteering, Volunteering NSW

Gift of Bread provides full and half day activities for corporate volunteers at our Community Workshop in Tempe.

Volunteer Positions

If you’re looking for satisfying volunteer work in Sydney, Gift of Bread has some amazing opportunities!

Volunteering is a great way to meet new people, develop your social and professional network and forge good friendships.

Be part of a friendly team of volunteers who are making a real impact on the lives of people with whom they connect.

Outreach Centres Near You

Our Outreach Centres operate on different days and times of the week. To visit an Outreach Centre, you will need to make an appointment as centres do not always have staff in attendance.

Meet Harry Volvo - Volunteer Driver

Harry and his son want to tackle bakery waste in Sydney and help their community at the same time. They have a passion for making a difference in our world and are an important part of our team.