Let’s Keep Australia Smiling

In these times of fear, uncertainty and both physical and social isolation, it is imperative that we strengthen our sense of community by supporting each other. As economic instability pushes more households into a crisis situation, we are seeing a drastic increase in desperate people asking for help, domestic violence and feelings of fear and anxiety.

Gift of Bread's Bag-A-Smile campaign is tailored to give people in our community an opportunity to stay connected.

Connecting people is an integral part of our work. We build communities with the simple act of sharing bread, but we want to do a little bit more. Our Bag-A-Smile campaign wants to connect people’s feelings and thoughts in a unique way. We want to bring a smile into someone’s world by tagging a simple message of hope with every bag we distribute.

Bag-A-Smile bread bag tags are printed with vital information for Aussies who are doing it tough.

Life is really hard, and it's okay to feel down sometimes. We provide innovative solutions to social problems and want to encourage people to overcome obstacles, seek help, and stop the shame with positive words. Making someone smile with a selection of inspirational writings and quotes about mental health, simple remedies and crisis support contacts is a great place to start.

The world can try to stop you smiling, but you can use a smile to change the world.