Charity Partnerships

Brand Alignment

With Our Values

Gift of Bread welcomes partners who share our values, identify with our cause and who want to support us.

Our aim is to develop relationships that bring value to both parties. We believe that good partnerships are aligned with common goals and are based on collaboration, mutual benefit and delivering change that will impact those who need it most.

Solid charity partnerships provide alternative sources of value that are multi-layered, with people, product and profit. When a business and charity work together, they can create a real social impact through tangible engagement such as volunteering activities, product donation, asset sharing, employee giving and corporate matching programs.

While charity partnerships form an important part of our collaborative model they are also key to the success of any businesses that seriously wants to make an impact on society, the environment and the economy with their corporate responsibility programs.

We're waiting to hear from you.

Let us know when your organisation is ready to take advantage of this unique opportunity to be associated with Gift of Bread, a unique charity that supports other charities and reaches more than 10,000 people every day.