What We Can Do For You

We Deliver To Your Door

We know how busy and short of resources most charities and community organisations are, that is why Gift of Bread is happy to deliver your bread and more, right to your door.

Are You A Not-For-Profit? Find Out More...

We support hundreds of not-for-profit and charitable organisations every day.

Our delivery service is fast and free and more convenient than you can imagine. All you have to do is let us know who you are, what type of bread you need, for example buns, rolls or sliced bread, along with quantities required and the destination address. We will take care of the rest.

We provide a full range of consignment options, with quality baked goods from reputable sources like Bakers Delight, Shepherd's Artisan Bakehouse, Luxe Bakery and supermarkets like Coles, Woolworths, QE Stores, specialist bakeries like Brooklyn Boy Bagels, Baked & Co and many more.

Our volunteer drivers are ready and willing to deliver mornings, afternoons, evenings and weekends. We are here to ensure your organisation's food programs are well supported.

Gift of Bread is a key partner in your charitable mission and we offer you a reliable service that will always exceed your expectations.

We understand how a simple thing like bread can sometimes be mission critical, so we make sure your bread arrives with a smile, on-time, fresh and in good condition.


At Gift of Bread we’re not letting any bread go to waste! We now have a creative new way to support many frontline organisations that are helping ordinary Australians who are doing it tough.

Order Direct Call & Collect

BREAD 2 GO is a convenient service that allows anyone to collect bread by appointment only at our Community Workshop in Tempe. We are committed to providing effective pickup and delivery solutions for everyone. Our simple telephone booking option allows you to collect your bread consignment at a mutually convenient time 7 days a week.

You can order direct, call and collect 0499 804 488 

Now you can also collect bread by appointment only at our Home Hub in North Parramatta, 0415 055 043

Community Groups

We share bread with everyone. Gift of Bread not only supports the food programs of large charities and institutions, but we supply bread to local grass roots charities, welfare associations, parish groups and many more not-for-profits.

We Make A Positive Contribution

At Gift of Bread we work directly with many organisations to help make a positive contribution in the local area in which they operate. In the same way that local businesses boost the local economy, local charities boost the overall well-being of their local community and we are there to support them.

Gift of Bread is on the ground with many community organisations in urban or rural areas that provide services and support to disadvantaged local groups, households and individuals.

Find out more about the organisations that receive our bread and how you can benefit from the services we provide.


Gift of Bread delivers fresh bread and SnackBags free of charge to any school that operates a breakfast club. Our bread and SnackBags can also be used for school lunches or families to take home after school.

Let's Get Our Kids Off To A Good Start

Many "School Breakfast Clubs" provide students with a healthy breakfast to ensure they start their day focused and ready to learn.

In many schools, healthy wholesome bread is supplied by Gift of Bread from the many wonderful bakeries that donate their fresh surplus every day.

In a recent report, Foodbank estimates that 18% of children from food insecure homes go to school without eating breakfast.

Schools who run a breakfast club find there is less truancy, particularly among children who do not eat breakfast at home. Students are more likely to attend school without the need to roam the streets looking for food to steal.

No child in Australia should attend school feeling hungry. A slice of bread is a great way to bring students together for a nutritious breakfast or lunch.

The social interaction that takes place around preparing a piece of toast can have a positive impact on a child's wellbeing, enhance their participation in classroom activities and improve educational outcomes.

Gift of Bread can provide your school with enough bread to run a successful breakfast club for your students.

Make it happen at your school, get in touch with us today. 


Prepared from quality bakery surplus, sweet, savoury or crispbreads dry sealed for your protection, keeps fresh and ready to eat for up to 12 months.


There's Bread for You and Families Too

Do you need support? If you are experiencing a food shortage at the moment because of lack of money and other resources or know someone who may need assistance, there are many organisations that we support who can help you.

Food insecurity may be long term or temporary and may be influenced by a number of factors including loss of income, employment status, disability or ethnicity. The risk for food insecurity increases when money to buy food is limited or not available and this can have a negative impact on a household’s food supply.

The reduced frequency, quality, variety, and quantity of consumed foods may have a negative effect on a person's physical and mental health In particular, children who lack good nutrition face a higher risk of developmental problems.

You may be facing an unforeseen or life changing event such as illness, unemployment or family violence. If you are hungry you may experience discomfort, illness, weakness, or pain caused by prolonged, involuntary lack of food.

The good news is there are many simple ways to overcome this situation. Many of the organisations where we distribute bread have food assistance programs that will be able to help you. Click here to find a local food bank or food pantry near you.