Sharing Bread

Surplus Bread Free Of Charge To Front Line Charities

Gift of Bread provides surplus bread free of charge to front line charities who are feeding vulnerable Australians.

Ranging from large service providers like St Vincent de Paul and the Australian Red Cross to smaller community-based groups like First Nations Response or the Rozelle Neighbourhood Centre, these charities then use our bread in their food programs to connect with people who may be experiencing food insecurity and financial difficulties.

More than 80% of the fresh bread we rescue is delivered immediately to these organisations and institutions that care about the welfare of our community. The other 20% is used to make crispbread, puddings, sweet and savoury baked products that we pack in our SnackBags for delivery to them at a later time.

What we can't use we also share with Aussie farmers and food producers who use the older bread as animal feed, because we feel it's also important to support our own Australian primary industries in times of hardship.

Nothing is wasted and everyone benefits.

The social impact of sharing bread transcends basic needs like hunger and helps us build bonds that enrich the meaning of our lives. Our clients are our friends and the people they support come from all walks of life. We are all companions on a journey that connects with over 10,000 people every day.