Our Fellowship

A simple gift of bread is what brings us together!

Gift of Bread welcomes a wide variety of personalities, age groups and cultures. Our diverse backgrounds, beliefs, motivations, compassion and fellowship are largely reflected in the success and smooth running of our organization.

Gift of Bread is blessed by tireless teams of volunteers who pick up and bag the bread and enthusiastic teams that deliver the bread.

We all work together. We could never achieve what we do without the relentless dedication and commitment of time, hands on support, skills, creativity and knowledge generously shared by all of our volunteers.

Our strong teams form the foundation of our well-connected ministry. Our clear vision to "make the connection real" resonates with all of us and inspires our goals. Goals that are focused on outcomes and results, rather than just on the amount of work being done.

Gift of Bread fosters an environment where people feel their input and contribution is being valued. Our culture is one of friendship and social nurturing and ultimately it’s about the goodwill that we share.

We are who we are, because we all feel a sense of belonging, are committed to our work and really believe that what we do makes a significant difference in the lives of people with whom we connect.