Our Vision

We are here to build community.

This single purpose brings meaning to our daily work. What drives us forward is our spirit of fellowship, that sense of belonging that enriches our ability to give and our capacity to receive.

You too can help us do something good right now. Every day we rescue and redistribute surplus fresh bread so that we can stop the waste and share a loaf with someone in need. It could be the homeless roaming the streets, the old person who lives alone at the end of the road or your next door neighbour trying to make a sandwich for the kid’s school lunch.

Sharing bread is a simple way to reach out and build community.

With the help of dedicated volunteers who share the same vision, we collect fresh bread from many local bakeries who generously donate their surplus at the end of the day. We slice the loaves, sort the rolls and buns and pack every item in sealed bread bags to maintain freshness.

As we deliver fresh bread to the hungry and needy and share a moment of Grace with the isolated and lonely, it helps us build a strong community spirit, one that is conscious of the difficulties and hardships in our society.

Who Gives A Loaf? We Do! Come and join us, grab a loaf and do something good in your community today.