Street Food

Eat For a Good Cause

The Street Food BBQ offerings are part of a novel street food fundraising initiative operated by Gift of Bread. You could be part of our volunteer team or come and enjoy the food. Look out for the Gift of Bread Street Food pop ups on weekends at supermarkets and hardware stores around Sydney where the enticing BBQ aromas of exotic street food cuisines from around the world fill the air.

Street Food is now available online.

Street Food – Eat for a Good Cause

The Street Food – Eat for a Good Cause initiative is the brainchild of Marcel De Maria co-founder at Gift of Bread and Joe Khoury, former owner of Banana Joe's Foodworks, Marrickville who generously offered his supermarket pavement a few years ago to get the project off the ground.

Our Masterchef Terry Stone who leads the busy Street Food teams says, "Our Street Food customers always come out tops with a creative and tasty value meal". He reassures us it's a win-win on all fronts.

The menu for each Street Food venue is created by our lead volunteers and often draws on the specialities of their cultural backgrounds. For example, Rita Machalaani, a proud Lebanese Australian, uses her grandmother’s delicious Kofta recipe while Greek born Stellios Marakas is in charge of the sizzling Souvlaki and Anna Ngo with her Vietnamese team offer up the Vietnamese inspired Banh Mi (Pork Roll). A popular breakfast option of bacon & egg rolls is often offered with gourmet rocket, cheese & onion for the Inner West foodie crowd and the good ol' Aussie sizzling snag with caramelised onions is always on the menu.

While the tantalizing variety of gourmet offerings from around the globe help us raise essential funds to buy fuel for our delivery vans, Street Food also helps us engage with our local community to increase awareness of our work.

“We are humbled by the support and response” remarks Marcel. “A number of people simply donate and offer encouragement with no expectation in return. When we get to 'keep the change' it's welcome gratuity”.

In a highly competitive fundraising environment, where charities, sporting and service clubs need to wait in line for a position on the rostered BBQ calendar at Bunnings Hardware Centres, the success of Street Food would not have been possible without Banana Joe's support.

When the COVID outbreak restricted our activities, we took Street Food Online. Today you can order some amazing international dishes straight from your smart phone. We provide zero contact delivery to your door so you can enjoy your favourite Street Food meals with family and friends, in the comfort of your home. Street Food is now available online - Order Here.

Street Food Online

AVAILABLE AGAIN ON 1st MAY 2022 - Order online anytime after 17th April